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Timberlane Regional High School

Timberlane High School

Rich started this morning’s show by giving us a preview of the rest of the show.  He moved on to Timberlane and told us about what is happening there.  We are about to blow some major whistles, so you’ll have to wait for that.

The Superintendent of Timberlane made a committee that flat out strikes Rich as odd.  Listen in to hear more details!

Continuing from the last segment, it appears that the courts were not all that pleased by the arrest of Jeffery T. Clay by the chief of police, Ryan Heath, in Alton.  Click here for the article about that incident.

When did elected officials come to the idea that they are above criticism?  The second segment on this archive dealt with criticisms aimed at our show.  Rich talked about issues around the Hallsville School and Webster School.  Tune in to hear what Rich had to say about this issue!