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Jerry’s Ride 2 Recovery

(Hour 2a) Rich was joined by Sandown Firefighter Jerry Lachance to talk about his involvement in Ride 2 Recovery, an organization dedicated to helping veterans who have lost limbs in service of this country. To learn more about...

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Local Election Results

(Hour 1b) Rich and Ed Naile talked about yesterday’s local elections.  They started by sharing about how Hampton did and told us about the Timberlane Regional School District.  We heard about the mixed results for...

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Missing Teen and Default Budgets

(Hour 1a) Rich started the show by telling us about a message that he received from a loyal listener last night regarding a missing teen.  He then spoke about the elections that are taking place across the region in New...

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Right to Know about Timberlane

(Hour 1b) This morning Rich talked to us about the Timberlane Regional School District.  It is unfortunate when a bureaucracy defends it’s own skin rather than do the bidding of the people who they represent.  This seems...

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Donna Green faces TRSD legal threats

(Hour 2b) Donna Green is once again on the legal hit list for the Timberlane Regional School District.  Unfortunately, this in-fighting is being funded by the taxpayers.  Donna is fighting all of the charges and Rich detailed...

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Metzler’s hand in Sandown

(Hour 2a) This segment was dedicated to our favorite subject:  the Timberlane Regional School District.  There is some fishy stuff happening with the budget and Dr. Earl Metzler is right in the middle of it.  Tune in and hear...

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