(Hour 2a,b&c)

Donna Green

Donna Green

This morning we had a special guest:  The Timberlane Regional School District School Board Member Donna Green, who is one of Sandown’s two representatives on the board.  Donna joined us to give us an inside look at what’s happening inside that district that continue to inspire disbelief and make clear why Sandown and Danville, two of the cooperative school district’s towns, are in open rebellion.  Tune in and find out more about the problematic issues centering around the Timberlane Regional School District.

Note:  Green published post interview updates to her blog, which can be accessed here.  It only makes the story better!

(Hour 2b) In the second segment we continued with Donna Green, who came on to draw attention to some of the extra-legal activities of the Timberlane Regional School District.  They started off by talking about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Rob Collins as Chairman of the Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee by Timberlane School Board Chairman Nancy Steenson (Click here for Rich’s news read based around them)  and discuss a federal lawsuit filed by a teacher against the the district and Superintendent Earl Metzler personally.

Editor’s note regarding the lawsuit:  According to Collins, who is one of Danville’s two school board members, “There isn’t a counter lawsuit and there isn’t one being prepared that the taxpayers would be paying for.  Therefore, an emergency meeting of the board is not warranted…”

That note will make more sense once you hear the details!  Tune in to hear more.

(Hour 2c) In the third, and final, segment of the hour Rich discussed the interview with Donna Green.  He gave us some more details surrounding the topics spoken about and shared an opinion or two on what he believes is really going on and wh.  Don’t miss the wrap of this hour’s important topic.