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Rage against the machine

(Hour 2a&b) The Derry Town Council is the subject of this archive, and Rich explored the continuing dysfunction resulting from their apparent unwillingness to change the way they conduct business.  How long will Derry tax...

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(Hour 1a) The ongoing Derry budget battle continued last night with a raucous, disrespectful display of bad behavior.  Seeking to eliminate unnecessary expenses, the possibility of closing one of the four fire stations, and...

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How much is enough?

(Hour 1a,2b)  We began our broadcast with a quick mention of the Frank Guinta controversy, which was discussed further in the show.  We have linked that audio to this archive for your convenience. Rich then moved on the the...

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Orderly, organized, opportune

(Hour 1b) In this archive, Rich reported on the request for the dog park contract renewal, and then gave us a snapshot of the difference between the ideal government and what we often seem to settle for. Our host firmly believes...

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Raging budget battle in Derry

(Hour 2c) Will Stewart, president of the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, joined us this morning for our Chamber Chat segment.  He talked to us about having an economic development guide, the raging budget battle,...

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Derry struggles with tax burden

(Hour 2a) The Derry Town Council meeting overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to use part of their surplus in order to relieve the tax burden this year.  We also heard Rich describe the colorful Albert Dimmock as he excoriates...

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