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Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne

Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne

This morning, in an unusual move, Rich hosted Derry town councilor Mark Osborne for an interview for our first two segments.  They started off the interviewdiscussing the issue with Derryfest.  Rich was involved in Manchester’s Riverfest and drew some interesting parallels between the two events.  Is Derryfest paying a fee for police and fire detail, or are the tax payers footing the bill?

In the second segment, Rich wrapped up the Derryfest issue and moved on to the Derry petition drive.  He questioned Mark about the legalities of the petition and whether it was even going to be within the timeline of effectiveness.  Tune in to hear more!

(Part 1:  Derryfest)

(Part 2:  Derryfest cont; Derry petition drive)