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Mark Osborne – “Vote No”

(Hours 1a,b) We were joined this morning by Derry Town Councilor Mark Osborne who started off the show with giving us a piece of history about what’s happening in Derry.  They talked about moves that the Derry Council took...

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More issues in Derry

(Hour 3a) Rich started off the segment discussing issues in the Derry Town Council, specifically between Mark Osborne and Gordon Graham.  Rich gave us a look at issues that are happening in the town of Derry.  There are some...

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Derry Town Council and a mob

(Hour 1b) Rich kicked this segment off by discussing last night’s special meeting of the Derry Board.  The council precedings don’t generally have public comments, and this meeting was no different.  “The...

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Bullying in Derry

(Hour 2a) It’s time to turn our attention to the town of Derry.  Rich discussed the vile behavior that is taking place due to disagreements.  There is some controversy over Councilor Dimmock.  Rich went into detail about...

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