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Government Mandated Tolerance

(Hour 1b) Rich tackled the issue of Kim Davis and shared with us the controversial opinion of Presidential candidate Governor Pataki (Click here for the mentioned archive).  He gave us a look at our rights in the light of...

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MEA Debate Claims

(Hour 1b) Rich tackled the recent claim from the Manchester Education Association about having a debate with all of the mayoral candidates.  He shared about the Mayor’s busy, conflicting schedule.  “You don’t...

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Presidential Forum recap

(Hours 2a,b&c) Rich took the time to discuss the Presidential forum from last night.  He answered a call from our loyal listener Raymond who chimed in about Carly Fiorina. (Hour 2b) Rich discussed certain talking points from...

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The Trump card on Immigration

(Hour 1b) There was a raging immigration controversy on Independence Day.  Rich took the opportunity to go into it.  Donald Trump is getting a lot of heat about what he has said, concerning immigration.  Tune in to hear what...

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Presidential drive with passion

(Hour 1a) This morning we talked about a number of things including more about Rich’s neighborhood and the upcoming 2016 election.  Rich discussed the democratic side of the race and talked to us a bit about Bernie...

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The Pope and politics

(Hour 2a) Rich talked to us about a number of issues, all starting with Governor Bobby Jindal.  He was telling us about a lot of the GOP candidates who are running.  He then moved on to the Pope.  Rich told us some of what he is...

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