Tag: Manchester Charter Commission

Get Involved with Community Lawsuit

(Hour 2b) Rich further discussed the Manchester School District, violation of the Charter and an important lawsuit he encouraged listeners to get involved with.  We received two phone calls, one from a candidate for Ward 8....

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Upholding the Charter

(Hour 3c) Rich continued his discussion from segment 2b on the important lawsuit in process.  He discussed the decisions and words of both John Avard and Matt Swank and teacher contracts.  Rich again encouraged listeners to...

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Thinking out loud

(Hour 1a) In the first segment of the day Our Humble Host called out to our Loyal Listeners to get involved in the show.  He discussed potentially running for office and detailed what’s going on in his head.  “Every...

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GAL-TV on 10/31/13

Interviewed this week: Christine Duffley, candidate for school board in Ward 12 Lisa Witte, candidate for school board in Ward 7 Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo, candidate for reelection. PLUS:  Rich explains why voters should...

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