Tag: Pembroke School Board

The Award Winning Radio Show

(Hour 1a) Rich started the show by discussing the awards that the Girard at Large radio show received at last night’s New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters award ceremony.  He talked about those who were involved in...

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Controversy at Pembroke

(Hour 3b) Rich talked about a relatively recent issue that occurred in the Pembroke School Board.  He commented on the controversy with Rekha Luther and spoke about our jobs as citizens. [soundcloud...

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More Problems in Pembroke

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about the controversy with David Pearl and the Pembroke School Board.  He took a call from Dave in Bedford, and they discussed a change of rules within the Board. Click here for more information....

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Public Censoring in Pembroke

(Hour 2a) Pembroke Academy parent David Pearl came on the air to talk about recent events at the Pembroke School Board meeting.  Rich played an audio clip from SAU 53 and they discussed the injustices that have been occurring in...

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