George Lambert 2(Hour 1b, c)

(Hour 1b) State Rep. George Lambert is Republican candidate for the NH State Senate in District 18 (Manchester Wards, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 and the town of Litchfield).  If he wins the primary against rival Robyn Dunphy, he will face incumbent Donna Soucy in the general election.

A NH resident for “pretty much all of his life,” Lambert discussed his considerable history in politics and as a software entrepreneur.

Lambert described his political philosophy and addressed NH Right to Know laws.

(Hour 1c) Lambert decried the problems with NH State Senators for the good laws they derail and the crazy laws they keep stacking on us.  12,000 pages worth, according to Lambert.

Lambert talked about the real problems that too many laws can mean.  Is having a poker party in your own home with an open bowl of sugar really against the law in NH?

Our humble host queried the candidate on Common Core, the Department of Education, Marriage, Abortion, and Voter Fraud.