Sid Glassner 1(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner saluted the “bursting at the seams” grassroots movement that is “causing cracks in the concrete” of Common Core.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s lawsuit against Arne Duncan and the US Department of Education is proof, according to Sid, that grassroots activism is working.  The politicians are waking up.

Glassner cited two “historic” documents from Vermont on Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests that encapsulate what’s happening nationwide.

(Hour 3c) Rich and Sid discussed the importance of Formative Tests and Department Tests vs. the Standardized Tests of Common Core.

Glassner dove into some of the history of Public Education, the precedents for testing and research that has been accumulated.  He also explained why the meaning of “valued judgment” can be different from community to community.

Communities that used to be able to provide the sort of personalized education that is being corrupted by the political process.  Local control is the key to America’s educational success.  American history proves it.

Click here for the resolution approved by the Vermont State Board of Education.

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