Courtney Hoppe(Hour 2c) The “unbelievable” and eye-popping Courtney Hoppe joined us for a Father’s Day edition of Out!

Hoppe got Rich’s take on last Sunday’s Mag-A-Palooza.  Local acoustic artist MB Padfield got rave reviews!

Hoppe also gave us lots of ideas for the weekend: the Rockin’ Ribfest in Merrimack including Military Appreciation Day on Sunday, the kickoff of Motorcycle Week on Saturday, catamaran races at Hampton Beach this weekend, a Puppet Festival in Portsmouth and a Rock & Roll Dinner at Mount Washington.

Also, Steve Martin at the Music Hall in Portsmouth next Wednesday.  Who knew the Wild & Crazy Guy could play the banjo?

Learn more about this Courtney chick!

06-12-2014 Hour 2c