Central:  Police warn against illegal, unsafe student drop offs

Central: Police warn against illegal, unsafe student drop offs

The Manchester Police Department has issued a warning to parents who drop their kids off at Central High School.  Don’t stop on either Beech or Maple streets to drop off or pick up anybod at the school.  Stopping in a travel lane on either street  is illegal and places your child, yourself, as well as other motorists in danger.   There is a “drop off zone” on the western side of Beech St. between Lowell and Concord streets.  If using this “drop of zone,” please do not remain stopped there for an extended period of time since other parents need to utilize the location as well.  The right side of the road is the preferred side to let your child off so they can exit on to the curb and not into traffic.   The department reminds drivers to check mirrors for on coming traffic before allowing your child to exit the vehicle and have your child to use available crosswalks to cross the street after being dropped off.  Entering the roadway from between parked cars is a hazard since the parked cars can obstruct the sight line of approaching cars as well as impair your child’s ability to see approaching cars.  The department says in addition to the drop of zone, there are several areas around the school where students may safely and legally be dropped off.  The department cracked down on illegal and unsafe drop off practices after Girard at Large released an undercover video of the chaos created by parents improperly dropping kids off on Beech Street before school.

Schools in Manchester open September third.  Schools in Hooksett, Bedford, Londonderry, Bow, Candia and Dunbarton are all open as of today.  Merrimack and Goffstown, among others in our area open next week in addition to Queen City schools.

Candia Crime Wave:  Unbelievable numbers!

Candia Crime Wave: Unbelievable numbers!

There’s been a terrible crime spike in the little town of Candia.  We’ve chronicled the Candia Crime Wave here at Girard at Large for the past two years and we’ve not seen anything like the numbers the Candia Police Department released for August, and the month’s not even done!  During the past month the Candia Police Department issued one hundred ninety motor vehicle warnings and 10 motor vehicle summons’.  They also made two arrests a guy from Brooklyn was taken into protective custody for a psychiatric evaluation and a fellow from Somersworth was taken into protective custody for alcoholism.  How does anybody live in that town?

The Goffstown Police Department has announced its Citizens Academy is set to begin late September.  To register or get more information, go to goffstownpolice.com.  We’ve linked to it for your convenience.  Seating is limited.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Jindahl:  Files suit against feds on Common Core

Jindahl: Files suit against feds on Common Core

Quote:  “This case involves an attempt by the executive branch to implement national education reform far beyond the intentions of Congress; in fact, in contradiction to 50 years of Congressional policy forbidding federal direction or control of curriculum, the cornerstone of education policy.  The claims at issue are not directed to the enabling legislation itself, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009… but instead to the Defendants’ implementation of that authority in a manner that Congress plainly never intended and that the Tenth Amendment bars.  In short, through regulatory and rule making authority, Defendants have constructed a scheme that effectively forces States down a path toward a national curriculum by requiring, as a condition of funding under the President’s Race to the Top programs, that States join “consortia of states” and agree to adopt a common set of content standards and to implement the assessment protocols and policies created by that consortium, all under the direction of the United States Department of Education.  It is impossible to square the executive actions at issue with settled Congressional authority or the Tenth Amendment.”  End quote.  That is the opening paragraph in a lawsuit filed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl against the federal Department of Education and Secretary Arne Duncan.  As the War Over Common Core continues, we wonder how long New Hampshire legislators and Department of Education officials will continue to insist there are no reasons to be wary Common Core and continue to insist it is the path to education salvation.


PARCC admits standards will drive curriculum.

PARCC admits standards will drive curriculum.

In a related story, to which we’ve linked from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com, the federally funded Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, also known as PARCC, one of the two Common Core assessment consortia, issued a press release Friday confirming the Common Core standards and their associated tests are intended to drive curriculum.  Reminder to folks in Manchester:  This is the same assessment company that Dr. Scott Marion from the Dover based Center for Assessment admitted his company was a paid contractor for while defending the Manchester Academic Standards, standards he reviewed to ensure they were appropriate as they were being developed at the request of school district administrators.  Still think Manchester developed a set of standards that was any different than the Common Core Floor they said they’d exceed?  New Hampshire belongs to the other consortium, Smarter Balanced, which is no different and reportedly worse than PARCC.


General Court:  Veto days announced

General Court: Veto days announced

The New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives have announced the dates they will vote to override bills vetoed by the Governess, Her Excellence Margaret Wood Hassan.  On September fifteenth the senate will take up its bills vetoed by Hassan, on the seventeenth the House will convene to take override votes in its vetoed bills.

Market Basket:  Pro-Artie T employees win back their beloved CEO

Market Basket: Pro-Artie T employees win back their beloved CEO

Finally this morning, the Boston Herald is reporting a settlement in the Market Basket battle that’s crippled the chain.  We’ve linked to their story with all the details, but it looks like Arthur T. DeMoulas will soon be back in charge for the paltry price of one point five billion dollars which he will pay to buy out the rival side of the family, led by cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas, which, until the buy out is completed, owns fifty point five percent of the company and controls the board of directors.  Looks like things will be back to normal at Market Basket soon, and none too soon for the thousands of employees that brought the chain to its knees with the remarkable help of hundreds of thousands of obviously loyal customers who boycotted the store in droves to protest of Arthur T’s firing.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is straight ahead!

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