01-15-2014 News

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order, yesterday.  In its decision, the court said that the FCC lacked the authority to implement and enforce its rules under the legal framework the agency put forth.  This decision, in large part, erases existing “net neutrality” laws, which critics characterize as government over regulation of the free market.  Opponents of the regulations, like Dr. Ev Ehrlich, who was interviewed by Girard at Large on New Years Eve, believe that, for consumers, this ruling will allow the Internet to be a free system where innovation can enable advances in health, IT, education and other vital services.  We encourage you to listen to the interview with Ehrlich for a better understanding of what the court ruling could mean for you.

Last night’s presentation by representatives of Manchester High School West to the parents of Cawley Middle School eighth graders in Hooksett drew an interesting crowd.  Among the attendees were Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, who has emphasized the benefits of attending West as the city moves forward with the STEAM Ahead initiative enabling West students to obtain up to thirty college credits free of charge.  Hooksett School Board Chair Trisha Korkosz and Board Member Phil Denbow whose high school votes will deprive Hooksett children of the opportunity to take advantage of the offerings West and crosstown rival Central provide, were also present as was  School Board Member John Lyscars.   Various West staff and student representatives gave it their all, including a performance by the award winning and nationally acclaimed Theatre Knights.  Central High School will make its presentations to parents tomorrow night beginning at seven in the Cawley Middle School’s media center.  Pinkerton Academy gave its presentation on January eighth.

In a related story, Girard at Large has obtained an email sent by Cawley Middle School Principal Matthew Benson regarding when course selection for eighth graders entering Pinkerton.  A report in the local newspaper on Friday said the deadline for Pinkerton students to choose their classes for the coming year was today, January fifteenth.  That caused Lyscars to send an email requesting Superintendent Charles Littlefield ask Pinkerton to delay the deadline to ensure that all students and parents had an opportunity to hear from Central High representatives before having to make a decisions as to which school to choose.  As far as we know, Lyscars email went unanswered by Littlefield, but Benson sent an email to parents on Monday confirming that the Pinkerton Academy Parent Information Night for course selection was scheduled for February 5th from 5: 30 to  8: 30 at its Derry location.  Lyscars said Benson’s email wasn’t sent to him or to the board, but that he’d received it from a parent.  We’ve linked to the errant newspaper article for your convenience.

While we’re on the topic of Hooksett, Town Councilor Todd Lizotte has issued a statement saying he will run for the school board.  Town Council Chairman James Sullivan, a former school board member, and former Town Councilor and Budget Committee Member Jason Hyde, whose “effing esophagus” Littlefield threatened to be rip out, announced their candidacies several weeks ago.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

The Most Reverend Peter Libasci, Bishop of Manchester issued a statement yesterday on the pending elevation of Manchester native Gerald Cyprien LaCroix to Cardinal of Quebec.  Libasci said he looked forward to congratulating him in person during a pilgrimage planned for New Hampshire Catholics who will travel there to celebrate the three hundred fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Notre Dame du Quebec.

The town of Bedford has released the handout it will distribute to the public during the second public hearing on its budget in February.  The first hearing was January 8th and the Town Meeting on the Budget will be March twelfth, one day after the elections.  All the budget data and meeting dates are in the handout we’ve posted with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

Republicans in the New Hampshire State Senate are looking to shake up the state’s tax code.  In a statement issued yesterday, Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bob O’Dell, Republican of Lempster, said three G O P backed bills would clear up confusing sections of New Hampshire’s tax code, provide long term tax certainty for businesses to make long term plans and prevent state laws from being applied differently from town to town.  He was referencing Senate Bills two forty three, three twenty seven and three thirty three, which were heard by the committee yesterday.  Among the changes proposed is a clarification in the law that prevents the taxing of temporary and portable recreational vehicles as real property.  We’ve posted the  details with this newscast at Girard at-Large for your convenience.

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