It is incumbent on every American who wants to see our country exist past this most recent socialist president, his friends in our court system, and other progressives that control academia and our government schools to do some small part saving it. I have a guy in mind who has done more than his share exposing how dangerous and blood thirsty the left is when it has access to money and power. His name is David Daleiden. He is associated with the Center for Medical Progress, the organization that captured Planned Parenthood offering aborted babies parts for sale – over a nice fresh salad.

Here is nine minutes of the three hour video edited to what you need to know:

Here is an example of David Dalieden’s writing on the subject of Planned Parent-hoods:

Get ready for some unbelievable, vicious responses from the left via the various left wing news outlets, defending Planned Parent-hood’s bloody profit making agenda.

Remember that the response from the progressives will be the opposite of reality. Up will be down, down will be up, right will be wrong, wrong will be right and so on. It is the same playbook used by communists, socialists, progressives and other dangerous utopians of force and plunder as it has always been. They have no other escape from a video such as this than to lie.

David Dalieden and his video team are national heroes for exposing this woman who calls herself a doctor.

The blood thirsty salad muncher who was causally selling aborted baby hearts and livers is named Deborah Nucatola.

Deborah Nucatola, according to her LinkedIn page, went to these places for her supposed education, which appears to include only dissection:

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine (MD) 1994 – 1998

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Science (BS), Kinesiology and Exercise Science 1990 – 1994

Here is how you contact them:

Anyone can send either of these institutions an email or letter asking them to renounce any association with Deborah Nucatola.

Here is a sample I sent SUNY Downstate:

I am writing to express my horror at the deadly and bloodthirsty activity one of your former students has been engaged in. I am speaking of killing fetuses for profit by selling their hearts and livers. The person responsible is Deborah Nucatola.

Has this facility formed a response to this activity committed to someone who is claiming to be a doctor by using a degree she acquired from you?
It may be a proper response to publicly denounce her ever having used a degree from SUNY Downstate to abort babies and sell parts for a living.

That can not be the desired goal of any place of higher learning in a civilized world.

Please take a public stand against the actions of this graduate of your institution selling organs from aborted babies.

Warn your new students to never get involved in anything like this when they graduate. Urge them to use their talents for good not evil.

Ed Naile
Deering, NH