When:  Tuesday Mornings at 7:20

Anchor:  Ray Mascola

Sponsor:  Targeting Sales Growth

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For our business listeners, we’re launching this seven week mini series that will help focus on the fundamentals designed to strengthen sales efforts and lead to business growth.  As we come to the end of the year and businesses look forward to getting 2015 off to a strong start, we’ve developed this seven week series to help.

Ray Mascola

Ray Mascola

Topics for each show on Girard at Large include:

    • Where do I fish?
    • How to target key prospects
    • Importance of Identifying key decision-makers
    • How to fish?
    • Qualifying prospects critically.
    • Identifying “urgent need” of prospect
    • Identifying ability to purchase your service.
    • Identifying why prospect would not say “yes”
    • Know when to fish or cut bait.

About Ray Mascola:  

Raymond L. Mascola, MBA, Sales Leader and Founder of Targeting Sales Growth

Ray Mascola

Ray Mascola

For the last 30 plus  years, Ray has successfully partnered with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies to help his clients “identify and close business for sales growth.” His practical  expertise in  marketing, creative sales solutions and hands-on client sales mentoring have consistently provided his clients with workable solutions. Ray’s focus is to collaborate with clients so  they can take ownership of all final decisions and to implement workable and scalable processes for future company revenue growth.

Ray mentors his clients to understand the true fundamentals behind how and why his customers are utilizing their products and services to positively impact their businesses.  In addition, he researches the reasons why their competitors are succeeding in the marketplace so that his clients can respond effectively.

By dedicating himself as “All-In” and treating and understanding his client’s business as his own, Ray guides clients from strategic discussions to tactical plans to actual sales calls with identified decision makers, depending on the requirements of his client.  Ray also helps his clients with creative sales direction on where in the market to sell their product and services, and how to determine the compelling  message to close business with key companies in that market.

Ray’s expertise has brought success to his clients in the following areas:

·  Counseling

Small to mid-size businesses seeking advice on effective strategies to increase sales using proven business development, sales and marketing strategies

·  Coaching

Business owners, helping them identify the most profitable markets;  develop sales strategies to increase sales.

.  Supporting Clients’ Value

Helping clients understand the positive impact that their product or services have for their customers’ businesses.

·  Collaboratively

Guiding clients with creative sales direction on where in the market to sell their product and services, determining proper message to  gain  traction with key companies in their target markets.

·  Increase Clients´ Sales

With sales techniques  that educate their target market with their unique value proposition.

​​·  Consulting

Support includes identifying top prospects and participation on sales calls to close business in difficult situations.

​.  ​Additional Experience

​Prior to founding Target Sales Growth, Ray delivered 30 plus years closing six figure deals which contributed to over $20 million in sales at global leaders like Compuware, Metalogix, Streambase Systems and Computer Associates. During his tenure, his client list included the following industry leaders: BEA Systems, Sprint, Omni Marketing Services, Network-Intelligence, and  Dow Jones, Citigroup, and Bank of America.

.  Publications

Ray has also authored various publications and blogs. Two notable pieces, one which has been published in The Boston Business Journal – “Growing Via Symbiosis of Partnerships & Alliances” and the second piece, “Start-ups: Critical Factors in Developing a Sales Plan” has been published on popular business blog, SmartBrief.

.  ​Education

​Ray holds two Masters Degrees: An MBA from Northeastern University and a Masters degree in Mass Communications from Texas Tech University. He graduated with  his Bachelor’s  degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University.

.  Military Service

​Ray is a decorated war veteran and was awarded with the Bronze Star in combat as an – Army Infantry Officer.

.  Community Service

As a leader in the community, Ray also has been an active as a Court Appointed Special Advocate with a mission of ensuring the best interest of abused and neglected children.