Richard Girard(Hour 2a, b, c)

(Hour 2a) Rich shared the good news about an aborted cop-killing incident in South Carolina.  Bravo, Officer T.J. West!

Now, a moral quandary:

What to do with information we’ve confirmed about the identity of the Manchester Central student who viciously assaulted a female student but is not being expelled because he is a refugee.

He’s also affiliated with a local gang and is being allowed to continue to participate in Central sports.

(Hour 2b) We opened the phones on the subject of refugees in Manchester, testing of refugee students and the special protected class that the folks runnin’ the show from Washington have declared them to be.

Dave from Woodstock called in to comment.

(Hour 2c) Eddie from Manchester called in to call out local Democrats who are “a-okay” with the refugee problem and just about ANY mandate coming down from the Federal Government.

Case in point: Common Core.

Rich also pointed to the Tyranny in Timberlane as further evidence.  Read the latest on the Timberlane RSD in the On Air News Read