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Good Morning Mr. Girard, I have been listening to the show for the past couple of weeks. After listening today I felt it fitting to send you this email. REDACTED. I am the parent of one of the cheerleaders on the Memorial Varsity Cheerleading squad. You made such a good point today about how the administration hanldes bullying, whether it be physical or emotional. Well I have the answer for you!!! Mr Adamakos handles bullying by being a bully himself. My daughter and many of her teamates were very unhappy about the assault that accoured by a member of their JV squad. I am not saying that they are not frieds with the assailant or even like the victim in this case, I am saying there are parents out there who have raised thier children to know the difference between right and wrong. I do believe this is a classic case of a good kid making a very bad decision. As we can try to defend her charcater we can not defend her actions. And I know the coach has been talking at great length to these girls about making good decisons and stressing to them that physical violence is never the answer. That being said I would like to move on the the purpose of this email. I would like to make you aware of how these Athletes were treated by Mr. Adamakos follwing to the incident. On Friday morning Mr A called all of the Varsity (yes varsity) cheerleaders to his office. Upon their arrival he began to yell at them and tell them they are living up the the typical cheerleader steriotype of “mean girls” and told them they were “Cheerleaders gone wild” He then contined on telling them that they had less than one week to clear up any detentions they might have and if they didn’t they would be kicked off of the squad. Let me just clarify that among the 20 athletes on the team there were 5 outstand! ing dete ntions none which were for anything more than being late to a class or being seen with a cell phoen in shcool (and no they were not using it to video tape a fight). He then contined on telling them that if ANY of them were so much as late for a class he was going to cancel the rest of their season! Let me just tell you!!! My daughter called me from the bathroom in complete hysterics. She could not understand how and why he would be so cruel. Not a single one of these girls had anything to do with this incident. They did not watch, they did not video tape, they did nothing. In my opinion he should have been focusing on the actual problem at hand and not wasted his time calling them down and insulting them the way that he did. They had already had a sit down conversation with their coach who took a more positive approach in helping them understand why, regardless of the things Lindsay may have done, it was and never will never be ok to physically attack someone like that. I do believe that is why people did get upset when you labeled the assailant in your initial post as a cheerleader. You did speak the truth, but after the way the team was treated by our wonderful principal it just added more salt to the wound. The star of Memorials football team was arrested just this past fall for being highly intoxicated at the Field Hockey Championship game and was wrestling for Memorial a week later and was names the teams captain. Are girls treated differently than boys? I do know that two different mothers contacted Mr A about the way he handled the cheerleaders and he was nothing but rude to them, however on of the fathers went in and they had a very pleasant discussion. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe you can use this information as you start to focos on how the administration in the schools deal with these kinds of situations. Thank you for taking the time to read my message. REDACTED…I just am afraid of the reprecussion it could have on my daughter. Keep! raising awareness maybe it can make positive change!!!!