Dear MEA Member,

As I’m sure you’re aware, there has been a lot of discussion recently

around a proposal that came out of discussions between the MEA leadership,

Dr. Brennan, and Mayor Gatsas. On April 17 the MEA Executive Board voted

to not enter into a tentative agreement based on that proposal. Up until

now we, the leadership team, have not shared with you any details around

the proposal, what could happen if concessions are made, and what could

happen if they are not.



To that end, we will be holding a General Membership Meeting, Monday May 7

at 3:30 PM in the Mirabile Auditorium at Memorial High School. This

meeting is open to active members of the MEA only, and people will be

required to check in at the door prior to entering. I implore all members

to attend.

At this meeting I will begin by laying out for you where we currently are

with district layoffs, where we could be if concessions are made, what the

concessions would look like, and what would be given in return. I will

then take questions from the membership. Once questions have been

answered, members will be allowed to offer comments on what has been


We will treat this portion of the meeting similar in fashion to the way a

public hearing is held within the city. Each member will be given one

chance to speak and will be limited to three minutes. After everyone that

wishes to speak has been given a chance, any member wishing to speak again

will be given an opportunity to do so.

Again, I ask that anyone able to attend do so. This is a chance for the

membership to send a message to its leadership team as to which direction

they would like to take moving forward. Make no mistake, we take our

direction from you.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Ben Dick


Manchester Education Association

It should be noted that Dr. Brennan has allowed me the opportunity to

speak with you via district e-mail. If you want to respond to this

e-mail, please do so using your personal e-mail and please do so by

sending the message to my personal e-mail. That address is Thank you.