Posted 5/16/12

Because Rich’s calls to Superintendent Stacy Buckley of the Goffstown School District regarding the controversies at Mountain View Middle School have not been returned, and because mounting evidence of questionable procedures involving the solicitation of consulting services to evaluate that school has been received, Girard at Large as made a formal request for information under New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law.  It is our hope to determine whether or not a proper process in indeed being followed.

=——– Original Message ——–
Subject: 91-A Request
Date: Wed, May 16, 2012 12:47 pm


Superintendent Buckley.

In an attempt to locate a Request for Proposal for the consulting services sought for Mountain View Middle School, I reviewed the attached minutes of the Goffstown School Board’s meetings.  I have also searched the district’s Web site in search of an RFP.  And, as you know, I’ve left two messages for you in the past two days without a return call.  As a result, I am sending this Right to Know request under New Hampshire RSA 91-A for the following information:

1) An action of the School Board approving and authorizing the RFP which was apparently used to solicit bids from the three companies listed in the attached minutes.

2)  A complete list of any and all public notices posted to advertise this RFP for public consumption.

3)  A complete list, including any and all communications, of companies directly solicited for consulting services involving Mountain View Middle School, as noted in the attached minutes.

4)  Any and all communication between you and members of the school board, especially Dian McCarthy, regarding the solicitation of these consulting services.

Note well:The absence of a formal RFP, approval to develop or authorization to issue does not render null or void the requested information.  It does, however, necessitate that you provide whatever information used to solicit services, advertise that the services were being sought, and the timeline in which they were to be submitted.

RSA 91-A:4 in section IV states, in part:  Each public body or agency shall, upon request for any governmental record reasonably described, make available for inspection and copying any such governmental record within its files when such records are immediately available for such release. If a public body or agency is unable to make a governmental record available for immediate inspection and copying, it shall, within 5 business days of request, make such record available, deny the request in writing with reasons, or furnish written acknowledgment of the receipt of the request and a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted or denied.

This material may either be emailed to me at this address or may be faxed to 1-866-491-2003 as per the section of the law stated above.  Of course, I will gladly discuss my investigation with you, either on air or off.  My cell is 674-0392.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and please know that I’d rather it not have come to a RTK request.

Very truly yours,

Richard H. Girard