BREAKING (5/21/12 4:15 PM):

Girard at Large has learned that Goffstown School Board Vice Chair Dian McCarthy has annouced she will no longer participate in any discussions regarding the search for a consultant to analyze the controversy surrounding Mountain View Middle School, which serves Goffstown, New Hampshire, New Boston, New Hampshire, and Dunbarton, New Hampshire.

Girard at Large has received specific information alleging that McCarthy was in violation of the school board’s conflict of interest policy as well as state laws governing the conduct of elected officials.  In response to our inquiries, McCarthy admitted to being part of the discussions about the consultant, though she wrongly claimed that the board was merely discussing whether or not moving forward was in the best interest of the district.  At that time, she also said that she would not vote on the awarding of a contract.

As our investigation continued, we presented McCarthy with various inconsistencies and requested clarification, which was not forthcoming.  As a result, we formally filed a Right to Know request with both her and the district to assess what the truth was.

McCarthy’s decision to recuse herself from further discussions and negotiations appears to deviate from her original position that only recusing herself from a vote was required, despite the plain language of the board’s conflict of interest policy.

Ironically, McCarthy has been critical of fellow board member Dan Cloutier for his refusal to sign the board’s conflict of interest policy.  Cloutier, in an interview with Girard at Large, maintained that the oath of office required of all of New Hampshire’s elected officials, coupled with existing laws governing the conduct of those officials, were sufficient.

Neither McCarthy nor Superintendent Stacy Buckley have replied to Girard at Large’s follow up Right to Know requests to both clarify their first response and ask additional questions that response generated.

Meanwhile, Girard at Large has learned that several Mountain View Middle School teachers have now either tendered their resignation or taken various other steps to leave the building or address the dysfunction that’s gaining more and more public scrutiny.

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