PUBLISHED on 1/3/13

—–Original Message—–

From: Joe Levasseur

Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:59 AM

To: Mara, David

Subject: Bullying, threatening behavior by your officer. 


I requested the name of the officer that acted in a hostile, unprofessional and threatening manner towards me while performing my elected duties at City Hall. I have given you plenty of time to send me the name of the officer. I intend to file a complaint against the officer as I feel he crossed the line and without question was trying to intimidate an elected city official. His aberrant, unprofessional and hostile behavior has no place at City Hall, and certainly nowhere in his profession. It is quite obvious he became unglued, unhinged and manic in his actions. To have to be pulled out of the room by the chief of police says quite a bit about his character and ability to effectively work for the Manchester police department. To be quite honest the vision of his behavior has stuck with me over the past week. I believe he mouthed something to me to the effect hat he was “going to get me”. He also pointed directly at me and made a fist. His face was burnt red and he was so angry I thought he was coming over the gate. Thankfully you were there to pull him away and calm him down. I feel as if he has singled me out for some sort of retaliation down the line, and if he is the officer that I believe he is, this officer has made questionable statements about me to an area business. As we all know the police are a very cohesive unit, a brotherhood as they like to be called. Who knows how far his hatred for me has pervaded throughout your department or will after he talks to more officers? We all know how hot headed a particular group of officers are as the reputation of your officers has been well established. I wanted to go to the tour of the station, but after that act by your officer, I hardly felt safe doing so. Please forward the name of that officer to me immediately as I feel the need to file a complaint to the AG’s office. His actions need to be investigated, a reprimand must be placed on file and certainly a suspension and an apology is warranted. I appreciate a sincere effort on your behalf to allow me and my family to feel safe as I continue to live, work and serve my community. After that aberrant act on the behalf of your foot soldier, I certainly feel threatened and less secure as both a citizen and as an elected city official. I have spoken to individuals that witnessed the uncomely event, none of them think the actions by your officer were warranted, necessary or professional n the least. Can you imagine if this officer pulled that stunt in a courtroom towards a judge? Anyone elected to office deserves to be fully protected and certainly no person, especially an elected person needs to be intimidated by a policeman! I hope you agree with me on this? I expect an answer in writing by you immediately. If I have not heard from you in writing by Thursday afternoon, concerning efforts on the behalf of myself and my family, I will contact the mayor and the AG’s office myself. Seriously Chief, what he did is beyond the pale of any decent society, and cannot be tolerated, especially in this extremely hostile environment that we are living in now. I do not even feel safe simply going out for a beer because of this officers actions. If he acts this way directly towards me in an open setting like a meeting at city hall, what in the world is he going to do in a dark street? What about his pals? This is insane. Do I have to move to Bedford too? You must take a stand on this to make sure all elected officials can conduct city business without fear of retaliation or physical or emotional harm. I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this important matter.


Joseph Kelly Levasseur, alderman at large, city of Manchester.


—–Original Message—–
From: Mara, David
To: Levasseur, Joseph
Cc: Cunha, Robert
Sent: Thu, Dec 27, 2012 6:02 am
Subject: RE: Bullying, threatening behavior by your officer.

   I have forwarded your e-mail to Captain Robert Cunha who heads our 
Professional Standards Unit. It is his job to make sure complaints against 
employees are investigated. I have instructed him to contact you. 
If you would like to discuss this matter further please call me.
                                         Chief David J. Mara