Both the Goffstown and Candia Police Departments reported several calls from residents regarding IRS scam phone calls during the last week of January of this year.  Their advice is to be aware that they are happening, spread the word, and know the information of people to contact to seek help.  Since these calls have begun to happen in a large amount in two New Hampshire towns, all Granite Staters should be aware moving forward.

Police caution people to not call these numbers back, and to contact either their local police departments or the IRS directly to report the calls.  The Candia Police Department would like all of these calls reported to them at 603-483-2318.

Candia Police:  Tell Your Friends and the Elderly

Candia Police: Tell Your Friends and Relatives About IRS Phone Scam

The phone call is most likely a scam if the caller, pretending to be from the IRS, claims that money is owed and demands a prompt payment through a wire transfer or a pre-paid debit card.  The IRS typically contacts a taxpayer through the mail, and does not call asking for money unexpectedly in this manner.

Other signs of the scam to be aware of include the caller becoming angry, being able to say only the last four digits of the taxpayers social security number, the caller making threats of jail time or driver’s licence revocation, and sending phony IRS emails following the phone call.

Being aware of these phone scams is important to protecting yourself against them.  Spread the word to make sure friends, relatives, and neighbors do not become victims of these phone scams.  If there is any question whether or not the person on the phone is truly from the IRS, hang up and call the IRS directly at 1-800-366-4484.