Central Senior Blasts Girard at Large for Expose on Beech Street Safety Concerns.  Rather Enlightening.  We Respond, Of Course!

Manchester, NH  May 13, 2013 at 2:45–Girard at Large’s video expose of safety issues on Beech Street in front of Central High School during morning “drop off hours,” provoked a Central student to give us a piece of what apparently was left of her mind.  We’ve published it here, as it was submitted to us and provided our reply.  What say you?

Girard at Large
Girard at Large

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I am emailing you regarding the story about parents dropping their kids off at Central High School. I am a senior here and your segment honestly made me enraged. First of all you don’t have any of your facts straight because there are 3 cross walks in the videos you were commenting on. Almost all of the kids you said we’re J walking were walking on a cross walk. The “super safe drop off zone” is only big enough for ONE CAR! Music department teachers park in the “super safe zone” so how do you expect people to drop their kids off? Parking at central is nearly impossible! I drove around the area for 42 minutes last week looking for a parking spot! There is no way a parent can safely pull over and drop their kids off WHEN THE PARKING IS FULL AND THERE IS NO ROOM! Dropping people off there has never been a problem! Sofia (the freshman who was hit in the cross walk) wasn’t being dropped off in the road, she was crossing the road to wash her hands at Burger king. People are blowing all of this out of proportion. The next time you have a radio show you should probably get your facts straight.

And our reply (we’ll let you know if we get a response):

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Thank you for your email.  I’m hoping you’ll clarify for me just what facts we allegedly didn’t get straight.  I also hope you’ll agree that it is a fact that the East side of Beech Street is posted with multiple signs which announce a prohibition against standing, stopping or parking and the West side of Beech Street has similar prohibitions against parking outside of the areas where parking is allowed.

Also, I wonder if it’s your contention that we somehow doctored our video to make it look as if kids weren’t using crosswalks.

Finally, I’m not sure what your 42 minute search for a parking sot had to do with the video, or the prohibitions against people doing what they were dangerously doing on Beech Street, but if the insinuation is that because parking is scarce, the traffic regulations that are there to protect the public should be ignored, we’ll simply have to disagree.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for people to take note of safety issues.


Rich Girard

PS:  Walnut Street between Bridge and Lowell streets, Lowell Street between Beech and Maple Streets and Amherst Street between Maple and Beech streets seem perfectly safe and reasonable places for people to be dropped off at school.