Board of Mayor and Aldermen

Re: Use of Work Cell Phones by MPD Officers

Dated: 5-16-13

Dear Fellow Board members:

This letter to the full Board concerns recent statements made by officer Linstad as a witness in a criminal case in which it was alleged he assaulted his wife. While on the stand officer Linstad admitted the following:

“Linstad acknowledged during his testimony that he had sex with the woman and that he deceived his wife for nearly four years by communicating and exchanging photos, e-mails and text messages with other women on his work phone. “So it was OK you were talking to all your girlfriends on your work phone?” “It’s not against the rules,” “ Linstad testified. Union Leader 4-16-13.


I would like the issue concerning the use of “work” phones being used by Manchester officers while “working” and why that use is not against the rules. I would also like to know if what officer Linstad is talking about are cell phones, which I assume they must because he stated he sent pictures and text messages. I am not sure if land lines at the MPD can be used in this fashion. I would like to know the costs associated with these phones, cell phone plans being used; how many minutes are being used and for what reason. I would also like to know if the phones are given to them for use after work and if they are allowed to bring them home. Are these phones paid for by the tax payers as well as the costs for minutes, texts, and pictures? In other words I would like these and many other questions vetted by a committee of the Board. There have been serious concerns raised by constituents as to officer Linstads statements concerning the use of phones to send texts and pictures not being against the rules. I appreciate the full Boards support in this request. Please keep in mind that the school district had a similar situation with the use of cell phones by employees and the school board created policies to make sure the practice of personal use was stopped. I am not sure how other members of this Board feel about the use of phones by MPD officers, but this statement causes me a lot of concerns, both financially and legally.



Joseph Kelly Levasseur, Alderman-at-Large