Dubrulle admits slamming Girard at Large on facebook

Publishes post on Girard at Large facebook page!

Goffstown, NH March 5, 2013 9:30 AM–Goffstown Budget Committee Member Elizabeth Dubrulle finally coughed up at least one facebook attack launched against the Girard at Large radio program and its host Rich Girard.Dubrulle, who publicly assailed Girard several weeks ago for comments made by fellow Budget Committee Member John Burt, was invited on the show to correct the record as she saw it.  Her appearance with Burt can be heard here.

Following the debate, Dubrulle sent bizarre emails to Girard and others regarding the appearance, reneging on her agreement to return to the show and further discuss the issues, chastizing Girard for his conduct of the interview, continuing her assault on Burt and broadening it to include several past and present officials in Goffstown.

La Piece de la Resistance, however, is the facebook post, shared below, in which Dubrulle trashed the radio show and urged her “peeps” to boycott Girard at Large and GoffstownToday.com.

Upon hearing of this post, we emailed Dubrulle asking her to provide a copy.  She refused saying she wasn’t going to waste anymore of her time.  The email can be read in the Oh My BLOG! post here.  However, after we took to the airwaves to announce we would be releasing all of the email sent by Dubrulle, she posted several of them herself on the Girard at Large facebook page, including the post below.

Elizabeth Dubrulle has only increased her attacks on our show, its host and its guests since her appearance.  We are at a loss as to why given we gave her time to air her grievances and earned her praise for how fair we were.  We have no grievance with Ms. Dubrulle.  That said, we will not let stand unchallenged the untrue and unnecessary things she’s said about our show, our guests and our audience.

As a public figure, Dubrulle needs to learn that not all will agree with her and that those who don’t are not somehow deficient dopes or liars.  Moreover, she should cope with the reality that elected officials are legitimately subject to scrutiny, question and challenge and through that are held accountable.  She was given a fair, even generous opportunity to make her case our audience, her insulting assault on us notwithstanding.  Goffstown residents ought to know that the problems she now has are of her own making.


Here are Dubrulle’s facebook posts as they appeared on the Girard at Large facebook page.  We invite you to listen to what we’ve said about Dubrulle, which can be found in the link to her emails above.  “Me doth think she protesth too much!”

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    Elizabeth Marshall Dubrulle Here’s the facebook post I put up warning people off of Girard at Large and Goffstown Today. What changed between the first emails I sent and this facebook post? I had gone back and listened to the archived segment of the show again and found that my memory had been more generous to Rich than it should have. I also heard all the various comments Girard had made about me on subsequent shows and how Goffstown Today had added their own spin to those comments. Both of them showed me just how untrustworthy they were as sources of news and information.

    Facebook post
    February 14, 2013

    Goffstown peeps: For those of you who don’t know, I appeared on a radio show, Girard at Large, earlier this week to confront Rep. John Burt about his history of making false and misleading statements to the public. As it turned out, neither Burt nor the show’s host particularly cared that an elected official has been routinely disseminating bad information to the public. Burt even admitted a couple of his falsehoods but had the attitude of “so what?” Both men just wanted to talk about their taxes. After the show, I was asked to appear again and I declined. Now the host is attempting to bait me by saying nasty things about me. The show’s main sponsor, Goffstown Today, has joined in with posts on its facebook page. I am staying far away from both of these “media outlets” and I hope you will do the same. I will never visit either of those websites or facebook pages again. I know a few of you still visit Goffstown Today, but it is NOT a reputable source of news or information. In fact, Pam Manney, a well-respected local figure in Goffstown, successfully sued the publisher for libel this past summer, and every time I’ve visited the site, it has posted more things that were wrong than right. Please feel free to share this post to let people in town know that they should AVOID Goffstown Today and Girard at Large. I am just the most recent in a long line of townspeople who have been the victims of Girard at Large and Goffstown Today’s vindictiveness. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, I would hope that we would all stand up for honest, fair dealing. And of course, if you have any questions about the positions I’ve taken as a member of the Budget Committee, I’m always happy to speak with you. Just call or email me.