Rich Girard Assertion #2: That Hooksett changed its policies and ignored the law that required the demonstration of a “manifest educational hardship” in granting of waivers is truth.
What you are not telling the good people Rich Richard H. Girard is that the JC policy had no hardship clause when the contract with Manchester was signed, correct? Then some Hooksett officials messed with the JC policy, added hardship, was proved invalid to add and was removed because it was undefinable….some of those officials were voted out of office. This does not agree with the spin coming out of the Manchester politicians Rich but history will judge who is siding with who, and who is standing up for real truth, and the “spun” truth….stick to the contract language Rich which reads:
“High School Maintenance Agreement”
“The sending districts agree to send all of their public high school students to Manchester high schools with the exception of those students who petition a sending district school board to attend a different high school and are approved for such attendance on a case-by-case basis.”
Hooksett School District

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