On today’s show, we had our Pet Sense segment, Quisine City, In the Bullpen with the Fishercats and In the Garden. Rich also ranted about the teacher’s contract, pay raises, the IRS scandal and more!

Hour Number One

  • Rich read the news and then Rich and DJ Dave talked school drop-off areas and how they’re safer after our super-secret video, plus a bit on plants and a preview of today’s show. 5-31-2013 Hour 1a
  • Rich covers the bone of contention for the teacher’s contract. From over a 5% annual pay increase to just over 2%, why on earth would the teachers accept this? 5-31-2013 Hour 1b

Hour Number Two

  • Rich talked Walmart and charity, plus more on the IRS scandal, income taxes and how George Washington would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the state of our country today. 5-31-2013 Hour 2a
  • Rich continued to discuss the IRS and Jack in Manchester called in to comment. 5-31-2013 Hour 2b

Hour Number Three

  • Rich opened the phone lines and Richard in Goffstown called in to comment on the IRS and the tax code. Wait, is this called DEFENDING the tax code? Get the details. 5-31-2013 Hour 3a