Hour Number One

Rich read the news and then he and DJ Dave discuss new developments regarding the Manchester teacher’s union and the city budget.

5-30-2013 Hour 1a

Rich continued the conversation on budget negotiations. Should teachers be able to reject proposed contracts and then get the same deal months later? Rich says NO.

5-30-2013 Hour 1b

Jon DiPietro: Web Savvy

Jon DiPietro of Domesticating IT and Career Gravity came in to talk about Googling yourself. It’s not as easy as you think because Google often knows what you’re doing and tailors the information to you. Get his cheat sheet for doing this right here!

5-30-2013 Hour 1c

Hour Number Two

We talked Cupcake Controversy, the Manchester food Nazi and Jack in Manchester called in to tell us this mess is getting out of hand!

5-30-2013 Hour 2a

Jim Gaudet, Public Safety Issue of the Week

Jim Gaudet, retired police officer for Litchfield and Amherst, came in to talk homicide, hate crimes, risks and sentencing. This segment is sponsored by Shaheen and Gordon, PA.

5-30-2013 Hour 2b

Evening Out, Courtney Hoppe

Courtney Hoppe, writer for NH Magazine, came in for Evening Out and we talked about the great things going down in Manch-ganistan this weekend! Get the details Sponsored by Jacque’s Flower Shop.

5-30-2013 Hour 2c


Hour Number Three

Victoria Sullivan in Manchester called in to share her two cents on the Cupcake controversy. She was President of the PTA at Highland-Goffe’s Falls, and we talked cupcakes, milk buckets in the middle of the cafeteria, and more!

5-30-2013 Hour 3a

Dr. Julianne Cooper, Is Our Children Learning?

Dr. Julianne Cooper and Professor McCahon of Liberty Harbor Academy came in to talk about political correctness in our childrens’ use of technology in the classroom. Is it true that without technology, we are not educating?

5-30-2013 Hour 3b

Rich, Dr. Cooper, and Dr. McCahon continue their conversation on technology in education. Plus, Dave in Hooksett called in and said that using technology to learn makes our children “two dimensional.” After, Jon DiPietro also called in to share an informed opinion.

5-30-2013 Hour 3c