Girard at Large Show Archive 5-29-2013

Hour Number One

Rich kicked off the show with the news and then Rich and DJ Dave talked Common Core. We’ve got test samples, plus some commentary from a principal who thinks the curriculum and the test are disconnected.

5-29-2013 Hour 1a

Find out what made Superintendent Tom Brennan furious at last night’s School Board meeting.

5-29-2013 Hour 1b

Bob Guessford came in to discuss the NH State Chili Cook-Off! The event is June 1st from 11am to 3pm at 211 Derry Rd, Route 102.

Hour Number Two

Rich continues his commentary on last night’s school board meeting in Manchester, gets into what’s happening with the Hooksett School Board and gives an update on Goffstown High attendance numbers in light of the threats made last week.

5-29-2013 Hour 2a

Karin Provencher and Larraine Lencki, Real Estate Review

We had our Real Estate Review with Karin Provencher of Remax Realty. This week, she’s talking about what we really need to pay attention to when looking for a new home. Be aware that there are some great house flippers out there and there’s more to a house than those surface-level bells and whistles!

5-29-2013 Hour 2b

Eric in Manchester called in to comment on the Goffstown boy who went missing and then allegedly made threats against Goffstown High School. Afterwards, Rich talked Common Core, philanthropy and how movements happen because the perception of the leaders behind them.

Hour Number Three

Senator Peter Bragdon, President of the NH Senate, joined us to discuss how he is seeking an amendment regarding the removal of the medicaid expansion and Obamacare.

Mayor Ted Gatsas

Mayor Ted Gatsas came in to talk about the Cupcake Controversy. Afterwards, Rich and Ted discuss class schedules and the rumor that some AP classes are being cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

Rich and Mayor Ted Gatsas cap the show with a discussion of Manchester Small Business Week. Get the details on how the event series went and Manchester’s big winners!