Hour Number One

Rich read the news and then he and DJ Dave discuss yesterday’s great Memorial Day BBQ.

Rich looked back in time 45 years and realized that things haven’t changed a bit! Teachers benefits, salaries, unions… it all goes back to the same thing.

We talk hashtags and social media for a cool minute, and then Rich returns to teacher pay-raises and benefits in comparison to actual educational improvement in the city.


Hour Number Two

Rich compared the situation with Manchester schools to the UNH controversy regarding their $100,000 logo and “underpaid” professors. Find out why socialism breeds within unions in this clip.

Your Health and Wellness, Laura Condon
Tim Soucy, Manchester’s Health Professional, came in to talk about the cupcake controversy in Manchester Schools. This topic went national, so get the city’s take right here. Sponsored by East Coast Chiropractic.

Aurore Eaton: The History Lady

Aurore Eaton of the Manchester Historic Association came in to tell us about 14 people we ALL need to learn more about! And also some average people that happened to do some pretty cool things.


Hour Number 3

Rich and DJ Dave discussed the IRS scandal. Find out what Dave is going to do for his quarterly tax payment in this clip.

The Government, Business, Technology and YOUR Privacy, Greg Mason

Our good friend Greg Mason filled in for our great friend Dan Fawcett. This week, he’s talking about encryption technologies and privacy for you business. Sponsored by Morgan Records Management.

Rich, Dave and Greg Mason all talk shop about the IRS. Why do rules only apply to ordinary citizens? Oh my head..