After this morning’s show, Brenda Garcia, a loyal listener, came by our Super Secret Broadcast Location above Jacques Flower Show in Scenic Pinardville to ask for our help

Cancer is going to take her niece and the family needs help to raise money to provide for her two children, ages 2 and 1.  Sadly, there is no life insurance to provide for the family.

Of course, we said “yes.”  We want Brenda’s niece, 25 year old Amanda Beauchamp, to know that her community will rally around her and her children.  Just in case your wondering, Ward 12 School Board Member Roger Beauchamp is her uncle.

Brenda will appear on the show tomorrow morning at 6:40 AM to share Amanda’s story and offer details of how folks can help.  In the meantime, this is what we know:

The family is literally marking time and its heart wrenching.  They’re praying for a miracle.

They’ve organized a Spaghetti Benefit tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 5, 2013 in the St. Raphael Church Cafeteria at 103 Walker Street on the City’s West Side.  (That’s in Granite Square.)  Seatings for the supper are scheduled at 4, 5 and 6 PM.  Those interested in attending are asked to contact The Growing Years Early Childhood Center, at 603-622-7072.  Tickets are $15 per family (up to 5 people) will also be available at the door.

The Growing Years will also be accepting donations on behalf of the family.  Please make your check payable to The Ross Children’s Fund, c/0 The Growing Years at 130 Harvell Street, Manchester, NH  03102.  Donations made payable to the fund can also be sent to St. Mary’s Bank

We ask that you share this story with family and friends in the hope that the little boy and girl who are about to lose their mom will know what it means for a community to come together in a time of tragedy out of love for their fellow man and concern for their well being.

Finally, you’ll probably hear this story on WMUR and read about it in tomorrow’s Union Leader because Your Humble Host contacted reporters at both news organizations to ask them to help spread the word.  It’s about helping the family, not “having the story.”  We’re just glad our listener came to us for help.  For that, we are grateful.