On today’s show, Rich calls out the Teacher’s Union, exposes Charter Commission deception, interviews Laura Condon regarding vaccines and also inteviews the owner of the Derryfield Restaurant. Plus, we have out History Lady segment, our Privacy segment and more!

Hour Number One

  • Rich graciously read this morning’s news and then he and DJ Dave discussed today’s upcoming show and guests. After this, they get right into discussing teacher pay raises and Yarger Decker. 6-4-2013 Hour 1a
  • Rich discusses the feedback from our listeners regarding our website and our plans to take all of this feedback into consideration as we move forward. Afterwards, Rich discusses the newsletter and his new ability to “live blog” on our website. After this, Rich discusses the tax cap. 6-4-2013 Hour 1b
  • Rich declares that the problem with the city’s budget is the teachers and their union. Get the inside scoop on the budget negotiations in this clip. Are the alderman going to intentionally create a deficit in the budget in order to tap the rainy day fund at the end of the year? It’s happened before…Oh my head! 6-4-2013 Hour 1c

Hour Number Two

  • The charter is making motions unanimous when they aren’t actually unanimous. Get the details from Rich, the Charter’s Vice Chair, in this clip! 6-4-2013 Hour 2a

Hour Number Three

  • Rich discusses new controversy regarding Hooksett’s Angry Elf. Listen in for Rich’s opinion and to hear exactly what’s wrong with government today. Rich also plays this clip as an example of the problem with government on the macro level. 6-4-2013 Hour 3a
  • We had Mike Lanoie from The Derryfield Restaurant on the show talking about their great new deck. 200 people on the deck, 600 in the restaurant as a whole, that’s impressive! Plus, get a little history about The Derryfield, what kind of functions they do and more. 6-4-2013 Hour 3c