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Manchester Police and School District officials put out a joint press release yesterday, worried that a fugitive fleeing Florida law enforcement may be headed to New Hampshire.  Federal officials said forty four year old Craig Shertzer, considered armed and dangerous was headed back to his home stomping ground in Nashua, where he maintains strong ties.  He was arrested last night by Connecticut State Police around 7:30.  Details of the arrest haven’t been released.  An official of the Manchester Police Department said Superintendent Dr. Tom Brennan decided to send the alert after a similar alert issued by Nashua police and school officials caused concerned Manchester parents to notify his office.  The official with whom I spoke did not believe there was any imminent threat to Manchester or its school children.  Brennan did not return our calls seeking comment.  We’ll have something to say about this issue this morning.  The alert, which we published yesterday as written, is available at Girard at Large dot come for your review.  Here’s the release:  ManSD security alert 6-13-13

The Manchester Health Department has released the names of those restaurant and other food facilities that won the two thousand twelve Public Health Excellence Awards for Food Safety.  Health Officer Tim Soucy discussed the awards during an appearance on our show on Tuesday.  We’ve linked it up to this morning’s news read for your convenience.  Anyway, the award recognizes those establishments, which maintain high sanitary standards, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and have staff that is trained in safe food handling practices.  With more than ninety recipients, Soucy noted this is the largest group of recipients since the award was created back in nineteen ninety.  We have the complete listing posted with today’s on air news reads at Girard at Large dot com.

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The town of Bedford has announced that Moody’s Investors Service affirmed the town’s Aaa bond rating, the highest rating it gives.  Bedford is the only municipality in New Hampshire with that designation.  Town officials also announced the sale of nearly eight million dollars in bonds issued as part of an infrastructure bond approved by voters in two thousand eleven with an interest rate of just one point four three percent.  Part of that eight million dollars went to refinance the outstanding balance of a nineteen ninety nine bond issued to close the town’s landfill, with an interest rate of nearly four and a half percent.  For those interested in public finance, the complete details details of Moody’s review of the town and its, we have, of course, posted the release with this on air news write up at Girard at Large dot com

The Manchester Police Department has announced it will establish yet another series of Sobriety Checkpoints in the city.  Friday June twenty first and Saturday June twenty second are the days approved by the Superior Court. June 2013 sobriety checkpoint

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley tried to amend the senate’s Gang of 8 immigration bill to prevent granting illegal aliens from receiving legal status until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “has maintained effective control” of the entire U.S.-Mexico border for a period of six months.  The amendment went down in flames on a vote of forty three to fifty seven.  New Hampshire’s senators voted against the amendment and your Humble Host has noticed that the postings on their facebook pages about this issue are remarkably similar.  We’ll probably have something to say about that during the show, too.

The good folks at the TD Bank on South Main Street in Manchester are holding a great big yard sale tomorrow from 8 to 1 to raise money for Special Olympics.  It will be right there at their facility at the corner of Milford Street.  So, if you’re looking for some good stuff for a good cause, pay’em a visit and let them know you heard about it at Girard at Large!

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06-14-2013 News