graphics-ambulance-520123(Hour 2a, 3a and 3c) The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen takes up the ambulance contract bid at tonight’s meeting.  In addition to this morning’s s On Air Story, Rich hammered their continued deception and provided indisputable proof that the letter they sent to Fire Chief Burkush about the Corporate Integrity Agreement, which was sent to the aldermen, was a calculated attempt to deceive them into believing something that simply was not true.

PLUS:  Rich exposes internal information showing the company walked away from contracts that weren’t meeting their profit margin targets.

Oh, and who was responsible for the egregious billing errors that led to almost $3 million in fines and that Corporate Integrity agreement?  Answer:  Not who they claim and not who you might think.

ONLY on Girard at LARGE.

This one’s as important as any we’ve done.  Spread the word, answer the poll, help block the union demanded choice from getting the contract!

7-2-2013 Hour 2a

7-2-2013 Hour 3a

7-2-2013 Hour 3c