7-10-2013 News

A veteran Manchester police officer turned himself into Hooksett police yesterday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.  Fifty two year old William Soucy was charged with simple assault alleged during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at his home in Hooksett approximately three months ago.  According to Manchester police officials, a relative of the woman contacted M P D following the altercation and shared her story.  The Hooksett Police Department was notified of the incident by Manchester police officials after their investigation discovered the alleged assault took place at his home in Hooksett.  Since the investigation began, Soucy has been working on restricted duty inside the police building.  That’s likely to continue until a court decides the matter.  Manchester officials say that after making contact with the alleged victim, they arranged for her to obtain counseling from the Y W C A.  Officials from both departments say the investigation was challenged by difficulties communicating with the girlfriend.  Soucy, whose family roots and personal service run deep in the department, is on personal recognizance bail.  He will appear in court on July 31st.  We’ve spoken to Chief David Mara, Assistant Chief Nick Willard and Hooksett Chief Peter Bartlett, among others, and will be sharing and discussing more of what we know later in the show.  The Hookestt department’s press release, which contains Soucy’s booking photo, is linked to this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Yesterday’s election filings in the city of Manchester were more of the same, literally.  Not a very busy day on the second day for candidates to file for office.  Four incumbents officially threw their hats back in the ring.  They are the Lord Emperor Dan O’Neil, Alderman at Large.  Garth Vader Corriveau, Alderman from Ward 6, Welfare Commissioner Paul R R Martineau and at-Large School Board Member Kathy Staub.  Ward 2 Moderator Win Hutchinson, a former State Rep, filed for alderman in the ward., yesterday.  On Monday, former Ward 12 Alderman Keith Hirschmann filed once again for the seat he’s held and lost multiple times over the past two decades.  We’ve linked to the complete story, which includes an up to date listing of all candidates who’ve filed for any office is in the Election 2013 section of our news page at Girard at Large dot com.  We’ll be chatting about this this morning, too.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Controversy’s swirling around the police department and actions of the Board of Selectmen and town administrator in the town of Deerfield.  Budget Committee Member Harriet Cady is questioning whether or not the selectmen improperly went into non-public session to discuss police personnel matters.  She said that if any member or members of the department were being discussed, they had a right to be there and decide whether or not to have that discussion in public.  In the meeting with the board were Town Adminstrator Leslie Boswack and a representative from the Public Safety Specialist’s Group.  P S S G as it’s known, evaluates public safety operations and was awarded a seventy eight hundred dollar contract after the non public meeting.  Cady says Boswack, also a Town Councilor in Hooksett who cast a vote of no confidence in that town’s police commission, has refused to make the contract public.  She also says that since there is no line item in the police department or town budget for this item, the town may be violating R S A thirty two which prohibits towns from opening new line items in budgets that were not approved at town meeting. 

Enjoy a concert of traditional Celtic and American music in the Millyard Museum on Saturday, July 13 at 2:00 p.m. Emery “Hutch” Hutchins, a local favorite, will be performing with his new partner Jim Prendergast as the duo “Two Old Friends.” Hutch, of York, Maine, was a key member of the world famous Irish group, the Angel Band. He performs a variety of styles of acoustic music, ranging from traditional Irish tunes to vintage American country music songs, on the guitar, banjo, concertina and bodhram. Jim worked for thirty years in Nashville where he was a recording guitarist, music producer and recording studio owner. He is an active participant in New England’s thriving Celtic/Folk music scene. These two multi-talented vocalists, instrumentalists, musicologists, composers and raconteurs demonstrate how American music is a creative amalgamation of musical styles.  The release with complete details will be posted with this news cast at Girard at Large dot com.

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