More from the Manchester Police Department on how to prevent burglaries as they enlist the public’s help to stop the spree wracking the city!Also, listen to retired police lieutenant Jim Gaudet in our Public Safety This Week segment.  He had a lot to say about it.

Preventing Summer Burglaries


With the temperature increasing, and residents making plans for their summertime vacations, residential burglaries also become more frequent. The Manchester Police Department is working hard to reduce the number of burglaries in the city, but we are asking residents to take a proactive approach in keeping their homes secure.


Below are some suggestions to help reduce the number of burglaries that occur during the summer months.


1.    Secure your windows

a.     People often leave windows open to bring in the cool summertime breezes. Screens are not effective deterrents for criminals.

b.    If you choose to keep your window open, use a wireless window alarm that will activate when someone tries to open it.


2.    Keep ladders locked and out of sight

a.     Homeowners often leave ladders in the backyard allowing easy access to second floor windows


3.    Keep your lawn mowed while on vacation

a.     Ask a neighbor or hire someone. Tall grass usually means nobody’s home.


4.    Don’t mention your leaving for a vacation on your Facebook or Twitter page. This lets everyone know your house is empty. Be especially careful with your teenagers. They love to talk about things before they happen!

a.     Leaving the postings for when you get back!!!


5.    Lock your car doors while parked in the driveway.

a.     People with garages often park in the driveway during the summer months with bicycles and lawnmowers taking up space. Since people don’t usually lock their cars while in the garage, this habit could carry over during the summer months.

b.    Always lock your car doors when the vehicle is unattended.


6.    Secure your window mount air-conditioners according to the manufacture’s instructions.

a.     Homes are frequently entered by pushing the A/C in when it’s not secured.


7.    Install motion sensor lights in dark corners of the yard.

a.     During the summer months trees are filled with leaves causing backyards to become much less visible than during the winter. Make sure you have lights that will keep that area lit if someone enters the yard.


8.    Be weary of door-to-door scammers.

a.     Summertime usually brings an abundance of people going door-to-door looking to sell things. This may just be a scam for people that are actually looking for empty houses. Call the police if anyone comes to your door that makes you nervous.


9.    Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed to avoid hiding places.

a.     Shrubs grow quickly in the summer months. Keep them below window level to avoid giving potential burglars hiding places.


10.           Put shades in your garage and shed windows.

a.     This keeps people from seeing what’s tempting inside.



11.           If you purchase a big ticket electronic item like a new TV, don’t put the box out on the curb on trash day.


12.           Don’t hide a key under the front mat.


13.           Don’t leave your garage door opener out in the open if you park in the driveway


14.           Use a timer for lights and leave a radio on during the day if your away.


If you see anything suspicious, please call the police!!!