In wake of the burglary spree that’s run through the Queen City, the Manchester Police Department has published tips to protect your home.Be sure to listen to what retired police officer Jim Gaudet had to say about it in our Public Safety This Week Segment, too!

Top 20 Tips for Home Security


1.    Lock your doors!!!

a.     Several of the burglaries we’ve investigated recently showed the thieves entered through an unlock door or open window

b.    In the summer people frequently leave windows open. This allows easy access by cutting the screen.

2.    Lock the door going from the garage into the home

3.    Lock the windows or put an alarm on them.

4.    Secure your air conditioner and put an alarm on it. Simple battery powered alarms are available at most large hardware stores.

5.    Be aware of strangers in your neighborhood, especially carrying backpacks.

6.    Be aware of anyone who knocks at your door with a “strange” request.

a.     Is Mike here? Oh, I must have the wrong house….

b.    Asking for directions….

c.     Asking if you need a basement cleaned out….

d.    Etc.

7.    Lock your car doors. Most thefts from cars occur when the car is unlocked. (Breaking windows makes too much noise.)

8.    Remove any items that may appear valuable in your car

a.     GPS

b.    Golf clubs

c.     Laptops


9.    Record serial numbers on items like video game consoles, laptops, stereos, and expensive electronic items

10.                       Purchase a safe

11.                       Have your mail picked up and your lawn mowed while you are on vacation.

12.                       Lock up any ladders on your property. This allows burglars to reach the second floor.

13.                       Keep prescription meds out of sight. (Many senior citizens leave them on the kitchen windowsill.

14.                       Facebook!!! Don’t announce that you are going on vacation. Don’t mention it on your answering machine either.

15.                       Trim bushes away from the windows

16.                       Tell a trusted neighbor you’ll be away from home

17.                       Secure your basement doors and windows.

18.                       Install a deadbolt on all exterior doors

19.                       Be a good witness!!!

a.     If you see a suspicious person or vehicle in your neighbors driveway, take the plate and make a note of the suspect. This can help up locate a suspect.

b.    Don’t be afraid to call us because you think we may judge you as a nosey neighbor or someone who profiles teenagers.


20. Keep an eye on empty homes in your neighborhood. For Sale, Bank Owned, etc…..these are prime targets for copper thefts.


You are our best resource for keeping your neighborhood safe. The police can drive through every day and we still won’t know who belongs there as well as you. Make note of all suspicious sounds and people in your area.