rich (Hour 1b, 2a) Rich went back, reviewed some materials, and he’s got something important to say regarding yesterday’s interview with Manchester Ward 1 School Board Member Sarah Ambrogi.

Plus, did the Curriculum and Instruction Committee drop the ball?  Where has the public discussion been?  Lastly, %75 percent of Manchester students are NOT proficient on the NECAP test.

7-11-2013 Hour 1b

pizza-mathIn this second clip, Rich comments on a specific article written by Carol Burris which praised Common Core… until she and 48 other other NY principals found out how it actually worked.  And WHO ate HOW MUCH pizza?!  #OhMyHEAD

7-11-2013 Hour 2a

Also, listen to our interview with Dr. Julianne Cooper from Liberty Harbor Academy regarding Standardized Testing.

Should teachers “teach to the test”?  Or are standardized tests irrelevant in determining a child’s intellect?  Let us know in the comments!