7-15-2013 News

New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster and Manchester Police Chief David Mara announced the arrest of twenty seven year old Jesus “Scoobie” Fernandez in the murder of Daniel Langlois last night.  The twenty five year old Langlois was shot and killed two days after Christmas at around three in the morning after a motor vehicle incident at the corner of Nashua and Jane streets.  Fernandez will be arraigned in Manchester District Court this morning on the charge of Reckless Second Degree Murder.

The Manchester Police Department is missing a gun from its evidence room.  We broke the story at Oh My BLOG! on Saturday and have linked this news cast to it for your convenience.  The missing gun came from a criminal threatening incident on the city’s West side in two thousand eleven.  The person wielding the gun was convicted in September two thousand and twelve and the gun was slated for destruction after the court gave the department the OK to destroy evidence linked to the case.  The department confirms that all other items were destroyed, but nobody seems to know what happened with this gun and, behind the scenes, it has been the source of a whole lot of bad blood.  Assistant Chief Nick Willard will be with us this morning to discuss the matter.

The Bedford Police Department responded to three separate burglaires within a twenty four hour period starting on Friday night at 11:30 pm with a break in on Ministerial Road, another at 12:30 Saturday morning on Boynton Street and the third on Saturday night at approximately 9:00 on Lynn Drive.  There were similar items taken in each burglary, but it is unknown if they are related.  In addition to securing your homes and vehicles when unattended, Bedford police also encourage you to record serial numbers of your valuables for future reference in case they’re stolen.  Anyone with information on these burglaries is asked to call the Bedford Police Department at 4 7 2 5 1 1 3.

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The Tiki Bar at KC’s Rib Shack is open for business again…well kinda.  Late Friday afternoon, the Manchester Planning and Community Development department lifted its cease and desist order, but limited the number of occupants who can use the outdoor facility to forty.  That’s a far cry from the one hundred twenty five allowed by the Assembly Permit they’ve had for the outdoor venue since two thousand eleven.  On Thursday, Girard at Large requested all information associated with the department’s decision to issue the cease and desist order.  While they’ve sent some, they’ve not yet sent the list of violations that resulted in the shut them down.  Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo will be our guest tomorrow morning to discuss the matter.  Rib Shack owner Kevin Cornish will be with us Wednesday.  Between now and then, we’ll continue to pester the department until it coughs up the goods.

Deerfield Town Administrator Leslie Boswak has yet to answer questions we asked in light of her response to our Right to Know request regarding a recent non-public session the town’s Board of Selectmen held to discuss what they say were personnel matters.  In the meeting was a representative of a consulting company that was hired after the non public session to evaluate the town’s police department.  Deerfield Budget Committee member Harriet Cady, also a former member of the state’s Right to Know Commission, has questioned the reasons for the non public session and charged that the seventy eight hundred dollars spent on the consultant was illegally done as there is no line item in the budget for it.  Boswak has now failed to respond to three emails and a phone call on the matter.  We’ll stay on it.

The filing period for Manchester city elections this fall continues and concludes this week.  We’ve linked our story on Friday’s filings to this news cast for your convenience.

Finally this morning, congrats go out to State Representative Mark Warden who represents Goffstown, Weare and Deering.  The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance named him their Legislator of the Year at their annual banquet last night.  He is the first rep. in the group’s ten year history to win it twice.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ begins right after this.