Victoria Sullivan, who originally filed for reelection as a selectman in Ward 9 went to City Hall and filed for alderman.  Sullivan, who ran for the city’s Charter Commission last fall, is President of the PTA at Highland-Goffe’s School.  She’s spoken out on Girard at Large regarding various issues affecting the schools, including the termination of the school’s annual Field Day and the school district’s now infamous “cupcake policy.”

In past conversations, she’s expressed her concern over how the city’s residential development decision are negatively affecting the city’s tax base and schools by enabling the large scale development of low income, multi unit housing.

She said she’s running because the “community needs to step up and be more involved in city’s affairs.”  In addition to her commitment to schools, she said the vote giving the city’s ambulance contract put her “over the edge.  I’m tired of having to defend the fact that I live in this city.  It has so much potential that isn’t being realized.  How the aldermen could give AMR the contract after they clearly withheld information from their bid is beyond me.  Common sense need to come down to City Hall so the city can better prosper.  We need to change the people who are making these decisions if they’re not making the right ones.”

Sullivan also said she wants to work to improve communication with the school board to better address the issues faced by the city’s schools.   She is married and mother of two children who attend Manchester’s schools.

Incumbent Alderman Barbara Shaw, who voted for the ambulance contract, has said she would file for reelection but as of this writing has yet to do so.  Talk in recent days is that she’s decided against reelection.