A spurt of activity leads to primary challenges in several wards.  Earlier, we reported that Highland Goffe’s Falls PTA President  Victoria Sullivan filed for alderman.  Also filing today was incumbent Ward 9 Alderman Barbara Shaw.  Shaw had told Girard at Large she would file for reelection, but she’d not returned calls inquiring about when or if she would file amidst rumors that personal financial difficulties, which include owing the city some $1,800 in back taxes and sewer fees might preclude her filing.  With three people in the race, including Timothy Sawyer, this one will now appear on the primary ballot in September.

Ward 12 School Board Member Roger Beauchamp filed for alderman today, meaning that there will be a September primary on the ballot there as he joins former Alderman Keith Hirschmann and State Rep. Dick Marston on the ballot.  Ward 12 also saw three people file for school board today, creating the fifth primary contest that will appear on the ballot in September.  Christine Duffley, mother of child performing phenomenon Christopher Duffley, a blind, autistic child who wows audiences locally and nationwide with his singing talent, filed for the seat today as did Constance VanHouton and Joel Elber.

As expected, Ward 5 Alderman Ed Osborne also filed for reelection.

Merav Yaskov, who recently came to Manchester from Colorado as part of the Free State Project, filed for alderman in Ward 3.  She is active in Free State organization and considers herself a Libertarian.

Of the 90 races on the ballot, there will be September primaries for alderman in wards 2, 9, 11 and 12.  For school board, there will be September primaries in wards 6 and 12.

Incumbent aldermen Ed Osborne, Bill Shea and Tom Katsiantonis are unopposed at this time.  Incumbent school board members Sarah Ambrogi and Erika Connors are currently unopposed.  Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo has yet to file, but is expected to tomorrow and Ward 7 School Board Member David Gelinas is stepping down.

The filing period ends tomorrow at 5 PM.  2013 Filing Book (As of 7-18-13) of those who have filed to date.