We thought some of the comments sent via the “other” option (which Rich can’t figure out how to display on the page, doh!) were funny, constructive or otherwise useful in the dialogue.  Here’s to our smarter than average audience!  (Gawd, do we love you guys!)  NOTE:  Unedited!  They are posted as written.

They should quit their jobs as inspectors, and if they want to enforce quality standards, do it as a consultant rather than a bureaucrat. 
They should be fired, ejected from the state, along with their boss and employer. 
The BMA should insist on policy changes that include all of the city departments work WITH the city’s businesses to address anyconcerns that are not life-threatening. 
There shouldn’t be permits. The city should post public notices of every business which doesn’t pass inspection, itemizing the reasons, and leave any issues to the businesses and customers. 
Who are these “inspectors” anyway? Fire the lot of them, close the department, and give the taxpayers a refund. 
Reimbursement, then beheading. Gotta send a message.
Proper notification in writing with a time frame to correct any issues. 
There should be multiple consequenses. Suspension for the regulators who unprofessionally caried out their responsibilities, they should attend ETHICS and CSR training, the city should reimburse the business owner (they are the employer of the regulators r 
Forced to vegetables for the rest of their life! 
They should be credited for potentially saving the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands of children lives. Thank God they caught that leaky ice bin in time! Here in Florida, where ice melts even faster than NH, we take these offenses very seriously. 
Can’t we all find some middle ground? Let’s work together to resolve this issue. 
Assuming the regualator had the powers to do what they did, without it being approved by management and assuming that a manager was not involved, then procedures need to be changed and some common sense training should occur. Oh, yeah and maybe a couple 
Anytime there are regulations it is up to the citizen to comply so while he should have gotten a permit I believe not just in manchester but all over the state we need a law that says the enforcers will warn the person to get his/her permits by a date and 
Both parties handled it poorly. 
suspend them, they should have followed procedure.