Political Fish

Bigger fish will be fried… Just wait.

(Hour 1ab, 2a)  We’ve got new examples of voter fraud and there are even bigger fish that are about to get fried. 

What is the penalty for a homeowner who willingly allows people who don’t live there to use their address to vote?  Hey, Senator Martha Fuller Clark, do you know the answer?  Well, you’re about to find out!  She’s not alone.  Former Chair of the House Education Committee and current Board of Education Member Emma Rous’ grown children in their 30s, married and living elsewhere for several years, Nahanni Rous and Benjamin Rous, are still voting via absentee ballot in NH state elections.  Patricia Kalik’s son Daniel, who resides in Washington DC, also votes in NH elections via absentee ballot.  The Vice President’s niece, Alana Biden, temporarily stayed with Patrick Kalik, also voted in the NH election.  Unfortunately, City Clerk Matthew Normand is not allowed to release the affidavits of the 17% of voters who registered on election day and couldn’t prove their residency.  And it’s not just the presidential elections where NH Voter Fraud is happening.  In Ward 11’s school board election, Bill Boyd narrowly lost to Russ Ouellette.  Of the 700 postcards that came back, 70 people who no longer lived in that ward voted in that election, mostly Democrat.

Plus, listen in to hear to investigative journalism that Rich has kicked off – and how NH’s Attorney General Office is putting a stop to it via extreme non-cooperation.  What is Attorney General Joseph Foster going to do to put a stop to Voter Fraud?

7-25-2013 Hour 1ab

7-25-2013 Hour 2a

Have you personally witnessed instances of Voter Fraud?  Share your stories below!