Rich Girard(Hour 2a)  Rich launches an all out war in the Voter Fraud investigation.  He claims that absentee ballots have been fraudulent safe havens in Manchester for a long, long time.  What should happen to public officials who knowingly allow unqualified voters to register using their addresses?  According to 63% of responders to the poll, they should be prosecuted whether they’re removed or resign from office.  Emma Rous allowed her adult children Nahanni Rous and Benjamin Rous to fraudulently vote as did Patricia Kalik in the case of Vice President Biden’s niece, Alana Biden. Get the details on why this is happening and how Strafford County Judge John Lewis is further enabling voter fraud.

Plus, hear how Washington DC has been more helpful than the State of NH, and hear how our City Clerk, Matt Normand, had his hands tied by our Attorney General!

7-26-2013 Hour 2a