7-29-2013 News

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has continued a cyanobacteria lake warning for Horseshoe Pond in Merrimack as extensive bluish-green clouds of cyanobacteria in the water remain.  The first warning was issued on July 17th.  Samples collected throughout the pond continue to be composed of a whole lot of bacteria I’d need a lot of practice to announce on the air.  Suffice it to say all are capable of producing toxins harmful to humans and pets.  Officials are urging the public to stay clear and property owners along the pond are asked to monitor their individual shoreline for changing conditions.   The warning is intended as a precautionary measure to prevent short term exposure to cyanobacteria toxins and is not based on a toxin evaluation.  D E S advises lake users to avoid contact with the water in areas experiencing a surface scum or blue-green clouds.  That goes for pets, too.  Testing of Horseshoe Pond’s water will continue and the advisory will stay in effect until levels have subsided.  

In business news this morning, St. Mary’s Bank has announced the appointment of Pamela Ordway to be its Vice President and Loan Operations Manager.  Ordway will be responsible for the direct workflow of residential and consumer loan operations, including processing, underwriting, closing, post-closing, and the secondary market portfolio.  She also will be responsible for loan systems and applications; second level support to residential, consumer, and retail loan officers; and regulatory compliance.  Ordway comes to St. Mary’s with over 30 years of experience in mortgage operations and management, having served as Vice President for Processing and Underwriting, at Merrimack County Savings Bank and Vice President and Senior Underwriter at Numerica Savings Bank.  Wow, haven’t heard that name in years.  Ordway has been involved with Friendly Kitchen of Concord and also volunteers for the United Way, Capital Region Holiday Food Program and New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Girard at Large has learned that Ward 11 aldermanic candidate Mark Lareau has had a change of heart and now does not wish to run.  Sources say that Lareau will not campaign for the seat he filed for just about a week ago and asserts he will not serve if elected; not sure we ever had to worry about that, but it’s nice to know what the options will be if the city every has to cross that bridge.  His name is still expected to be on the ballot in September, along with incumbent Alderman Normand Gamache and challenger Christopher Hussey.

Public comment is now open on the final draft of the Plan Pinardville master plan proposal.  Town Planner Brian Rose is urging residents of the area to review the document before it makes its way through the formal process that will determine whehter or not it gets adopted by the town.  The plan has come under fire by a number of Pinardville residents who say the provisions enabling the mass development of large apartment complexes coupled with the apparent desire to take a number of business properties for public use will fundamentally change the character and functionality of the neighborhood, create public safety concerns and cause school costs to spike.  We’ve linked to the study and our interview on the topic and remind our listeners that the ad hoc committee working the plan through the process will meet tomorrow night at six o’clock to take public input on the final document in Town Hall.

Two dirt bags from Lowell, Massachusetts were caught after an attempted robbery at the Crosstown Variety Convenience Store on Bremer Street Sunday Morning thanks to the actions taken by witnesses, one of whom tailed the getaway car giving Manchester’s finest turn by turn directions via the 9 1 1 system.  The cops caught up with the gun wielding robbers at the Bedford toll booth, where believe it or not they went into the cash only toll lane.  Twenty two year old Brian Cunneen of Lowell was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery and the driver, twenty seven year old John Hickey of Lowell was arrested and charged with Criminal Liability to Armed Robbery.  Also in the vehicle was a 22 year old unidentified female and her six year old son.  Complete details of the incident are linked to this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is straight ahead.