War on Voter Fraud(Hour 2a)  Our war on Voter Fraud continues as we discuss same-day registration and our plans for our new segment: A Question on Voter Fraud.


Additionally, we will review Representative Neal Kurk’s justification to his daughter, Kendra Kurk Anderson’s voting absentee ballot in the NH elections. What is the justification for Emma Rous’ children to vote in NH when they reside in other states? How about the folks staying at Martha Fuller Clark’s residence and vote in our state, even though they don’t reside here? Why is our Attorney General’s office disinterested in pursuing those who perpetrate voter fraud? Find out why NH Secretary of State William Gardner is frustrated with the Registration Laws and you should be too!

8-5-2013 Hour 2a

If people lose confidence in the authenticity of NH’s election process, will the First in the Nation Primary lose its importance?