Richard Innes

Richard Innes –
Blue Grass Institute for Public Policy Solutions

(Hour 1abc)  Richard Innes has studied Kentucky’s Common Core testing practices and he came on our show to share his findings and explain what may be in store for NH.  Richard is also a member of Blue Grass Institute for Public Policy Solutions.

In this interview, Richard Innes addresses the following topics:

  • Why would states lower their standards to adopt Common Core?
  • What’s currently happening in the State of Kentucky (the first state to adopt Common Core standards)
  • A history lesson regarding Common Core’s early beginnings in 1992
  • Actual testing results and the analysis of the data
  • Sustainability of Kentucky’s K-Prep standardized testing practices

8-6-2013 Hour 1abc


Hear Rich’s response to this interview.

NOTE:  Innes sent this follow up email after his interview regarding the performance of NH’s students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests.  The data would seem to indicate that, contrary to in state claims, that NH’s standards are not substandard in need of Common Core’s “improvements.”  Here’s the raw data he used to form his opinion.

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