A murder suicide claimed two lives in Manchester yesterday morning.  Fifty four year old Muni Savyon entered his scheduled nine thirty supervised visit with his nine year old son Joshua at the Y W C A on Concord Street.  The only one who left the visit alive was the counselor monitoring the visit.  According to a press release issued by Manchester Police Chief David Mara and Attorney General Joseph Foster, partway through the visit, the father armed himself and shot his son several times before turning the gun on himself.  M P D received the call at about eleven minutes after ten.  While the investigation continues, the police have determined that Savyon has been separated from Joshua’s mother for several years and the relationship has been contentious with past threats made by him to kill their son, her and himself.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this terrible tragedy.  We’ve uploaded law enforcement’s statement with all the details they’d release with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

According to a press release issued on Friday, Bedford cops had an unusual day last Wednesday when they responded to two drunk driving incidents perpetrated by the same guy.  Twenty eight year old Brian Burke was arrested and charged with D W I and possession of a controlled substance after a hit and run incident off New Boston Road shortly after seven that morning.  He was released on a thousand dollar personal recognizance bail.  At around two thirty that afternoon, he was again picked up for D W I after another accident he caused near the intersection of routes 1 0 1 and 1 14.  This time, he was charged with D W I and violating bail conditions and transported to the Valley Street Jail with a fifteen hundred dollar cash bail set.  Hopefully he had time to sleep it off before he was arraigned on the 9th in Merrimack District Court.

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The Goffstown Board of Selectmen meets tonight in Town Hall room 1 0 6 and opponents of Planned Pinardhood want you to know about it.  They’re urging Pinardville residents to express their concerns with or opposition to the proposed changes to their neighborhood which the say will fundamentally transform the area.  The new regulations do everything from eliminate backyards to creating community front yards, to taking property for planters and sidewalks to regulating the number of trees that must be planted in private parking lots.  Opponents are also urging residents to attend tomorrow night’s meeting of the ad hoc committee which starts at 7 and will also be held at Town Hall in Room 1 0 6.  The committee, whose member’s contact information remains super secret despite our Right to Know request for it, will be taking public input on the so called “smart code” regulations that were not released as planned before the last meeting of the committee.  The smart code regulates everything from setback requirements to building facades to tree plantings and pedestrian walkways on private property, and OOOHHH sooo much more.  We’ll be discussing it this morning with Goffstown Planning Board Chairman John Hikel.

The Manchester Board of School Committee meets tonight.  On the agenda are the contracts district officials will need to authorize with the city of Manchester to provide everything from nurses to police officers in the schools for the coming school year.  It should be pro-forma, however with this crew you can never tell.  School Board Members have recently tried to see if they can reduce payments to the city for services rendered so they can reallocate dollars elsewhere in their budget.  Expect complaints again tonight, especially in the areas of building, playground and parking lot maintenance.  Also on the agenda is a report on the number of hearings held by the Student Conduct Committee and the actions it took.  Looks like a dozen kids were expelled from Manchester schools last year including an elementary school student for defacing school property, though that student was eventually allowed to return to school.  Students were tossed for possession of weapons or drugs or both and gross misconduct.  Of the twelve, four, including the elementary school kid, were eventually allowed to return to school.  Seven attended the Y M C A STRIVE program.

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