Foster:  "Do your research"

Foster: “Do your research”

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster has issued a statement urging New Hampshireites to be cautious if they seek to donate money to help earthquake victims in Nepal.  In the statement, which we’ve published in full at Girard at Large dot com and linked to from this news read, Foster suggested people do their research to ensure the soliciting charity is legit.  The A G noted that many people are seeking donations for Nepal earthquake relief using Facebook and Twitter, which he said can make donations quick and easy, but cautioned that you may not know exactly where your money is going.  Remember to never give any personal information over the phone, including credit card and bank account numbers to someone you don’t know.

AG:  no personal info over the phone

AG: no personal info over the phone

General Foster also suggested you think local when considering a donation.  There is a growing Nepalese and Bhutanese community in the state.  These communities have created New Hampshire based charitable organizations and some of them are collecting donations for earthquake relief.   Know that any and all organizations that solicit charitable contributions are required to register as charities with the Charitable Trusts Unit of the A G’s Office, as are professional solicitors.  You can call 2 7 1 3 5 9 1 or go on the Charitable Trust Unit’s website to check on any soliciting organization.  We’ve posted a link to their site and their email as well for your convenience.

Candia:  Crime Wave surges again!

Candia: Crime Wave surges again!

The Candia Police Department has announced that mailbox vandalism occurred after Midnight on Monday along on Currier Rd. and Kayla Dr.  They’re asking residents to call them 4 8 3 2 3 1 8 with any info.  The department is also requesting information about a Critchett Road burglary that occurred on April seventeenth.  Anyone with any information is asked contact Officer Kevin Mahoney.  How this town survives the onslaught of this never ending crime wave, I’ll never know.

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Metzler:  Another super secret advisory committee

Metzler: Another super secret advisory committee

Hello Board members, 

The Superintendent is in the process of establishing an advisory Campus Development Committee to be comprised district administrators, teachers, parents, budget committee members, school board members and possibly selectmen.  He will be announcing his selections shortly as well as defining the scope of their work. 
Please note this is an advisory committee to the Superintendent as opposed to a school board established committee; thus the committee meetings will not subject to the Right-to-Know meeting requirements.  
He looks forward to providing an update to the board at an upcoming board meeting. 
Have a good afternoon,
 That is an email that went to members of the Timberlane Regional School Board from Superintendent Earl Metzler’s Executive Assistant Cathy Belcher (who really runs the place) last week.  School Board Member Donna Green from Sandown said this is yet another example of Metzler subverting the authority of the elected school board.
Green:  Whistling past the graveyard again?

Green: Whistling past the graveyard again?

In an article posted to her blog, which we’ve linked to from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com, Green writes quote:  “This disturbing announcement came with District Policy CE attached, which supposedly justifies the existence of ‘advisory committees’ independent of the school board.  The policy does not at all permit what is going on.”

She posted the entire policy and in doing so, keyed in on what she called the quote:
“first and most instructive sentence:  The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish such permanent or temporary councils, cabinets, and committees, as he/she deems necessary for proper administration of Board policies and for the improvement of the total educational program.”
 Green charged that neither the consolidation of schools advisory committee previously established to determine the fate of schools in Sandown nor this campus development advisory board have anything to do with board policies or the improvement of an educational program.  She says it’s more sinister than that, quote

“1) The SAU is by-passing the authority and responsibility of the school board and in doing so is conducting public business behind closed doors.2) “Campus development” is rightly the purview of the Capital Improvement Plan Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee – both subcommittees of the school board and both subject to the full view of the public.

3) Private committees create insiders and outsiders and extend the superintendent’s influence where it doesn’t belong.”

Non existent in Timberlane

Non existent in Timberlane

Green urged quote “publicly minded citizens and elected officials who are tapped to participate in ‘advisory committees’ (to) refuse unless they become sub-committees of the school board and also fully comply with New Hampshire’s open meeting laws.”

She called on the boards of selectmen in all our four towns to refuse to participate with Metzler’s closed-door committees.

Never a dull day in the Timberlane Regional School District.

Slots:  Countless thousands coming to the Granite State?

Slots: Countless thousands coming to the Granite State?

It’s gambling day in the New Hampshire House today.  Senate Bill one thirteen is up for a vote.   That’s the bill that would establish two casinos in the state and pave the way for many, many more.  We will discuss it this morning, don’t you worry!

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